Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Obeying a Law for Forced to Comply?

Originally Posted: Monday, September 26, 2005, 7:32:00 PM

On Friday, September 23, 2005 I had the honor of attending a lecture given by Dr. Russell Hittinger, Ph.D., a professor of philosophy at the University of Tulsa. Dr. Hittinger's lecture was on his book First Grace: Rediscovering the Natural Law in a Post-Christian World.

During his lecture, Hittinger pointed out that if a law cannot bind, then there exists no law. We are sometimes, compeled to follow laws with which we disagree, or "non-binding laws." These, according to Hittinger, are not laws but "forces." We do not obey forces, we merely comply to them, often times because we are coerced to.

This is the way I view the current state of science education in our nation when the issue of evolution and intelligent design is raised. Students today are forced to accept and explain the "validity" of evolutionary theory while they are often "disciplined" for even mentioning intelligent design.

This is not because evolution is overwhemlingly accepted by the scientific community, rather this is because of the great dissent concerning evolution in the scientific community. Because so many scientists now doubt the theory of evolution, those who subscribe to it fear their theory will no longer be accepted and so they resort tactics typically deemed formidable in the academic arena.

This shows two things about the evolution lobby. First, it shows the immenent demise of the evolution as a sophisticated scientific theory and second, it demonstrates that evolutionists have no care for the education of today's students. They have no worries about the future of the United States and other nations. They are focused on one thing and one thing alone, their success and the success of the tyranny of evolutionary thought.

Evolution has no binding force as is required by a law. However, evolution has succeeded in scaring students into compliance. It is, in my estimation, time to stand up against this compliance and to challenge the domination of evolutionary thought in today's science classrooms.


Joe said...

So the horrible "evolution lobby" is forcing their agenda upon American students? What about the unqualifed Bush crony trying to push his views upon real scientists? I am of course talking about George Deutsch. If you don't know who I'm talking about, Bush appointed him to NASA even though he lied about graduating from Texas A&M on his application. In short, he tried to tell the nations most eminent climate change scientists how to present their findings. This is an example of scientific censure. ID not being allowed along sided evolution in the classroom is not. Evolutionary theory has been validated through numerous scientific studies. ID does not have a single one to its credit.

Samuel S. Chen said...

How did we go from intelligent design and evolution to Bush and NASA? Is there another missing link there? Why do you have to politicize everything? What does his NASA appointee have to do with intelligent design? Way to use the typical evolution tactic of dodging the issue and acting like you actually know something about a topic on which you're actually clueless.