Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Unintelligent Evolution on the Daily Show

Originally Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 11:00:56 PM

Dr. William A. Dembski, Dr. Edward Larson, and Ms. Ellie Crystal finally made their appearance on the Daily Show tonight. While Dembski and Larson did well presenting their views, Crystal was quite the opposite. Her arguments seemed weak, if they existed at all, as she attempted to defend "metaphysical consciousness reality."

Dr. Larson brought up an interesting point when he said that there is nothing wrong with teaching alternative views but we cannot cease teaching evolution. The reason I say that this is interesting is because intelligent design advocates are exactly that--intelligent design advocates--not "anti-evolution in school" advocates. In fact, ID-advocates want more of evolution taught, both evidence supporting and opposing the theory. The true censors of science are the evolutionists who deny any possible fault or error with their theory fact.

After demonstrating his lack of knowledge concerning the intelligent design movement, Larson proceeded to display his lack of reason. He claimed that science teachers shouldn't be told what to teach in their science classes, citing Dover Area School District as an example. What Larson overlooks is that having any curriculum is telling a science teacher what to teach in the science classroom. These teachers are either listening to us, taxpayers in the community, or to someone else, but everything they teach they are instructed to teach. So, to say that teachers shouldn't be told what to teach is to say that teachers shouldn't teach. Actually, that's not too far off from what exists in many public school science classes already.

Dembski, though he was fighting a stomach virus, did very well on the show. He answered Stewart's questions with his own sense of humor. However, as we probably could have predicted, Larson was granted the last word on the show. I suppose that is only fair, however, since he probably had to evolve to the level of being a panelist and probably wasn't ready until the last few minutes of the show.

So what did we learn from the show this evening? We learned about intelligent design (Dembski), evolution (Larson), and that some people make design and evolution look bad (Crystal). I still suggest watching the Daily Show for the rest of the week.

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