Sunday, March 19, 2006

Design but no Intelligence at George Mason University

While most schools, colleges and universities included, refuse to touch intelligent design with a ten foot pole, George Mason University has decided to tackle the topic. Not discuss, teach, or research intelligent design--tackle it and beat it into the ground as best as they can. Here are some quizzes and courses students at GMU get on intelligent design:

Biology 471: Quiz on ID
Biology 471: Quiz on Selection
English 302: Syllabus
Government 329: Course Description

Apparently, attacking intelligent design with science hasn't been working too well so evolutionists, like the ones at GMU, are turning to subjects like English.

I challenge any and all students at George Mason University who are taking or will take any of these classes or any other class that includes intelligent design to:

1. Ask hard questions. Challenge the attacks made against ID theory.
2. Write papers defending intelligent design theory and dispelling the myths that will
inevitably be raised against design theory.
3. If and when opposition is met, contact me at the Intelligent Design Undergraduate
Research Center (

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