Saturday, March 25, 2006

Judge Jones Threatened

Judge John E. Jones III, the judge who ruled against intelligent design and the Dover Area School District in December 2005, recently told newspapers that he had been threatened for his decision. (See story here).

I disagree with threatening the judge for his ruling. While I disagree with Jones' decision, there is never any reason to threaten one's life over such a decision. I encourage those who are doing such to cease their actions. We can disagree with our opponents without making threats.

However, Judge Jones now finally gets a slight feeling for what intelligent design advocates deal with from day to day. Students have their degrees denied and their work failed for subscribing to design theory. Those who publicly advocate design theory, as myself, receive death threats and often find themselves being harrassed in the news. What Jones has experienced is merely the tip of the iceberg compared to what design advocates experience.

While I disagree with the threats being made against Judge Jones, I find it ironic that he is experiencing the repercussions that are being suffered and will be suffered by those he ruled against.

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