Friday, June 23, 2006

Research ID Opens

Today was the opening day for the Research ID. Please visit the website at Here is a letter from the founder of Research ID:

The intelligent design community needs dynamic and interactive websites where professionals and students can gain valuable information about ID, and at the same time contribute their own knowledge and information to the site. Today is the grand opening of just such a synergistic website called To fulfill this need for vibrant interaction, is a knowledgebase compiling and synthesizing research on intelligent design.

The research in the knowledgebase covers fields ranging from computer science and bioinformatics, to physics and cosmology. is investigating topics such as using ID as a heuristic for developing new scientific research. They have also begun working on the Catalog of Fundamental Facts, which was suggested by David Berlinski and William Dembski. There is plenty of biographical information, a glossary of ID jargon, and more. is more than just a static database of information. Anyone can register (free) and contribute, so it is also a springboard for new research schemes, a clearing house for information, and a dynamic community where you’re encouraged to bring your ideas to fruition. Peruse the information, or better yet, join the team by participating. This is a crucial time for intelligent design research, and you can be a part of the vanguard right now!


cody said...

I noticed their Catalog of Fundamental Facts currently contains nothing but an unwritten IC list. It has been 21 days; surely they would have started on the Catalog of Fundamental Facts by now!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a Chinese face in this arena. Are you a "ABC" i.e. American-born Chinese?

Matthew Tan
A Chinese from Singapore
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