Friday, August 04, 2006

Robert B. Sloan to be President of Houston Baptist University

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr., the controversial president at Baylor University, and former professor at both Baylor and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was voted on as the new president of Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas.

Sloan was elected president of Baylor University in 1995 and developed the Baylor 2012 Vision, which has put Baylor on track to be a top research university. Sloan resigned his position as President of Baylor University shortly after he hired Dr. William A. Dembski to direct the Michael Polyani Center (MPC), the first intelligent design research center at a university. Though a long story, the MPC was eventually dissolved, despite being supported by a panel made up of representatives from various colleges and universities. Dembski was then released by Baylor.

Sloan resigned the presidency in 2005 to become the chancellor of the university. Dr. William Underwood was the interim president through the end of 2005 and is now the president of Mercer University in Georgia. Dr. John Mark Lilley was elected president of Baylor University and began his tenure on 2006.

On a personal note, I am saddened by Sloan's leaving Baylor University, as he was to be my professor during the Fall 2006 semester. I am, however, excited for Houston Baptist University. Baylor University grew incredibly during Sloan's tenure and Houston Baptist has much to look forward to. Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr. is a great man of character and will be an excellent president at Houston Baptist University. Best of luck to Dr. Sloan. Sic 'em Bears.

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marvin said...

That is an affirmative on Dr. Sloan. This is a visionary in the heart of the 4th largest city in America.

Our possibilities with this leader are about to explode.