Saturday, October 07, 2006

Baylor Makes Another Poor Decision

Just two weeks after reversing a decision and granting Dr. Francis J. Beckwith tenure, Baylor University has made a poor decision similar in impact to the denial of tenure to Dr. Beckwith.

On Friday, October 6, 2006, Baylor University announced that they will be closing the forensic science department following the graduation of the class of 2010. No student entering Baylor beginning with the class of 2011 is allowed to begin in the forensics program.

Baylor University is one of the only institutes of higher learning in the State of Texas to have a forensics department and one of the top ranked universities for forensic science.

The decision today works against the Baylor 2012 vision. Hopefully, like the Beckwith-tenure case, this decision will also be overturned.

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William said...

I think it an unfortunate decision as well, but the time to start building up - or as I am told, rebuilding - the program was a while ago: academic programs take years to build. The new Statistics major is a good example: Baylor has had a graduate institute in statistics and a limited number of undergraduate course for years, but only this year began offering a major in the departmen.
While administration may feel pressure to cut their losses now, we students should motivate them to not give up on this discipline, but to commit to work towards reestablishing the major and the University's name in the field.