Monday, November 20, 2006

Biochemistry Professor: Flunk all ID-Friendly Students

I posted about a week ago concerning a lecture being given by Robert Pennock of Michigan State University at the University of California at San Diego where all UCSD freshmen were required to attend. (See that post here). This was, no doubt, big news and appeared on blogs everywhere--over at Evolution News and Views, Uncommon Descent, and Overwhelming Evidence, among others. Well, the evolutionists have finally responded. Dr. Laurence A. Moran, a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, posted the following on his blog:

Casey Luskin over at the Discovery Institute reported that University of California, San Diego Forces All Freshmen To Attend Anti-ID Lecture. Apparently, the university has become alarmed at the stupidity of its freshman class and has offered remedial instruction for those who believe in Intelligent Design Creationism.

Salvador Cordova has picked up on this at Dembski's blog, Uncommon Descent in an article titled "Darwinian indoctrination required at UCSD? Or will the other side be heard someday?". He notes that 40% of the freshman class reject Darwinism.

I agree with the Dembski sycophants that UCSD should not have required their uneducated students to attend remedial classes. Instead, they should never have admitted them in the first place. Having made that mistake, it's hopeless to expect that a single lecture—even one by a distinguished scholar like Robert Pennock—will have any effect. The University should just flunk the lot of them and make room for smart students who have a chance of benefiting from a high quality education.

Concerning the requirement that all freshmen attend Pennock's lecture, I had written "And such is academic freedom in the eyes of evolutionist." I guess I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

That's what you get for getting your information from the notoriously uninformed Casey Luskin.

The lecture is not required of all freshmen, and not even of all first-quarter freshmen. It's not even required of all freshmen at Sixth College, which is sponsoring the talk. It's only required of first-quarter CAT (Culture, Arts, and Technology) track freshmen.

There are, as the name Sixth College implies, six colleges at UCSD, which also include Revelle College (where I attended, and which was at the time the college for science and engineering majors), Thurgood Marshall College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, John Muir College, and Earl Warren College. Of all those colleges, only a minority from one college are being required to attend this lecture. They'll also be compelled to attend other Sixth College lectures including one by Nobel laureate Derek Walcott. No doubt that will be protested by poetasters who object to the hegemony of non-rhyming, non-metered poetry being forced upon impresionable freshmen and will demand that we teach the meter and rhyme controversy.

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

Only Jesus Saves said...

That's what you get for getting your information from the notoriously uninformed Casey Luskin.
And anyway, the Moran was just joking when he was saying things posted here and elsewhere, wasn't he? :)

Anonymous said...

I've often thought that the strongest evidence that one has raised an unanswerable point is the flurry of irrelevant jibes that follow it.

If that's the case, then I thank "only jesus saves" for his or her concession.