Thursday, November 16, 2006

Darwin Strikes Back...and Out

My good friend Thomas Woodward has just published his sequel to his best-selling book, Doubts About Darwin. In Darwin Strikes Back, Woodward details the struggle that has emereged as the two sides of the evolution and intelligent design debate. He discusses the key players on each side and what contributions each have made to the debate. Here is what others have said about his book:

"Darwin Strikes Back tells the thrilling story of how the Darwinian establishment has summoned all its power to crush the frightening challenge of the Intelligent Design Movement, and how the rebels are not only surviving but gaining new strength as we respond to the onslaught. Highly recommended."
-Phillip E. Johnson, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley

"Taking the reader behind the headlines, Thomas Woodward--the premier historian of the Intelligent Design Movement--analyzes crucial developments of the past decade.
-Michael J. Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University

In this world where the media misrepresents so much in the intelligent design and evolution debate, it is important to clarify and give people a better understanding of the issue. Both Doubts About Darwin and Darwin Strikes Back are well-written, excellent accounts of the dialogue between intelligent design and evolution. Both books are highly recommended for anyone who wants to understand where the debate started and where it is today.

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