Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Evolution: Ban Critiques, Force Acceptance

The quest for academic freedom has reached a new pinnacle:

Take the "Evolution: Truth or Myth?" lecture which featured Michael Behe in 2004 at my alma mater. (Read an account of the story here). Here was a lecture held at a public school (a high school), after school hours, not funded by taxpayer money, and completely optional concerning attendance. This--according to pro-evolution facutly members in the school--was simply unacceptable. (The National Center for Selling Evolution Science Education also supported the school as demonstrated by a sequence of emails that passed between the school science department and Glenn Branch of the NCSE).

Fast forward two and a half years to November 2006 and a lecture is being held at the University of California at San Diego. The topic is "The Ground Rules of Science: Why the Judge Ruled Intelligent Design Creationism Out of Court" and the lecture features Michigan State University Philosopher of Science Robert Pennock. This lecture is being held at a public school (a state university), but unlike the aforementioned lecture given by Behe, this one is funded by taxpayer money, and manadatory for all freshmen.

And such is academic freedom in the eyes of evolutionists.

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