Monday, January 15, 2007

ID--the Board Game

Somebody get me this for my birthday or Christmas, this is just too funny. Go here for more information. (And yes, I was joking about the birthday/Christmas part).


FAR said...

You do know that Darwin was a supporter of Intelligent Evolution Design, rather than any blind godless evolution?

Samuel S. Chen said...

Of course. Notice that few intelligent design proponents attack Charles Darwin. His theory was the result of observations that he made on his journeys. Furthermore, he knew little of the cell at that time, as it was just being discovered. Rather, the dishonest ones are the evolutionists today who blatantly reject all and any evidence that might question their theory.

Additionally, it seems that some evolutionists are starting to come to the idea that you call "Intelligent Evolution Design." Ken Miller, for example, has discussed evolution as merely a process, a blueprint, that was designed to work in a certain, specific way. It will be interesting to see how this develops.