Saturday, January 20, 2007

[Off Topic] My Apology

Dear friends,

In 2004, as predictions for the 2008 presidential election were being made and the name "Hillary Rodham Clinton" was being thrown around, I predicted that she would not run for president. As 2005 and then 2006 rolled by, I made the same prediction for the up and rising star of the Democrat Party: Senator Barack Obama.

For Senator Obama, the landscape of America was not enough to support him into the White House. By 2008, he would have been a senator for a mere 4 years (less than Senator John Edwards served when he ran in 2004). In addition, I didn't feel that the South was ready to elect a minority president. This was not to say that America wouldn't or shouldn't elect a minority as president (I, myself, am a minority), but rather, the South wasn't ready to do so (something that could be counted as a fault).

For Senator Clinton, the landscape in America was also not fitting for her presidential bid. Many voters still recall (not fondly) the days when it appeared as if she ran her husband's presidency. In addition, the South also didn't seem ready to elect a woman president. For that matter, women didn't seem ready to elect a woman president.

Running for president does not mean one will win and my analysis of the landscape of America may still hold true. However, I felt that Senators Obama and Clinton (and I still feel this way) were brilliant and understood the nation's voters well. I felt that for their own political good, they would choose not to run for office.

Given, the 2006 mid-term elections were good for the Democrats (winning both houses of Congress) and can often give a "high" to the party that wins. I didn't think, however, that those elections would change their mind about running for president. From the beginning, I promised to be the first to apologize and admit my error if Clinton and Obama decided to run for president.

Today, I am apologizing for my error in calling the candidates of this next presidential election. A few days ago, Senator Obama opened his exploratory committee and today, Senator Clinton declared her candidacy for president. This, no doubt, came as a surprise to me, but true to my word, I am issuing my admittance of error.

I have made many solid predictions of this sort in the past and I hope I will continue to do so. This simply wasn't one of them.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Samuel Chen

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