Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Institute for the Study of Nature: Summer Institute and Conference

Mark Ryland, the president of the Institute for the Study of Nature, recently sent an email concerning ISNature's Summer Institute and Summer Conference. This is something worth considering for those interested in the question of nature and what it is. Here is his letter:

Dear friends and colleagues:
I wanted to let you know that the Institute for the Study of Nature ( is holding a Summer Institute the week of June 11th, as well as a small conference at the end of that week (Friday and Saturday, June 15-16). The Summer Institute is designed for about 25 graduate (or advanced undergraduate) science students (or students in related fields, or young scientists) who would like to learn more about non-reductionist approaches to modern science, and in particular to neo-Aristotelian natural philosophy and its relation to modern science. You can find all the details on our website here:
I'm writing you because you may (a) know students who would be interested, and could pass along this announcement, and/or (b) may be such a person yourself, and/or (c) may be a scholar interested in giving a paper at the weekend Conference, and/or (d) may be a scholar other intererested party who would like to attend the weekend Conference (all are welcome).
Please look this over and either write back to me and Henry Teichert, Program Director of the ISN (on the cc line), or pass it along, as appropriate.
Thank you very much!
-- Mark
Mark Ryland
Institute for the Study of Nature

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