Friday, May 25, 2007

[Off Topic:] R.I.P. President Herbert H. Reynolds

I just received an email from Baylor University President John M. Lilley informing the Baylor family of the passing of our President Emeritus, Herbert H. Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds served as an AFROTC instructor before becoming president of Baylor for 14 years (1981-1995). He then served as chancellor until the year 2000. He and his wife poured their lives into the university and brough about many positive changes--including academic and student life initiatives and the George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Reynolds was succeeded by President Robert B. Sloan, Jr.

Though I disagre with many of Reynolds' policies and ideas, he was a president of Baylor University and I pay my respects to him. I thank him for his service to Baylor, both as an instructor and as president, and for his love for the school and the Baylor community. I also send my condolences and well wishes to his family--who also poured much into Baylor.

Thank you Dr. Reynolds for all you have done for Baylor University.


Anonymous said...

even though you disagree with my grandads decisions i am glad to see a lot off people cared about him.

Samuel S. Chen said...

Absolutely. We will all disagree from time to time. I am proud that Dr. Reynolds served as a president of Baylor University and I am very thankful for his service to our great institution. He was a wonderful man and will always be a Baylor Bear.