Saturday, December 08, 2007

Creationist Biologist Fired for Views

Nathaniel Abraham is now a professor at Liberty University in Virginia, where he teaches biology. He was once a research scientist for the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. Abraham was hired at the WHOI for his expertise on the zebrafish and for his experience in oceanography. He was fired because he wasn't a scientist...according to the "rules" of science today.

Abraham is a Bible-believing, creationist, Christian. While he agreed to conduct his research at the WHOI with evolutionary concepts, he would not personally accept Darwinian evolution as scientific fact. That, as we all know, is the greatest sin one can commit today. Like many other scientists, professors, administrators, students, etc. before him, Abraham was expelled with the rest.

Abraham is now suing for $500,000 of compensation. Whether or not his suit goes through is yet to be seen. Abraham's story was first published by the Boston Globe and can be found here.


chestiuni said...

do you have other examples of scientist fired for their creationist views?

Samuel S. Chen said...

Yes, absolutely. It's not really about "creationist views," though. It seems to be that anyone who questions Darwinian evolution is at risk of being fired, being denied tenure, being denied degrees, and so forth.

Check out the movie coming out in April 2008 called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." In this movie, Ben Stein journeys around the world talking with scientists, other scholars, students, and others who have been "expelled" for their views on evolution and intelligent design.

It's becoming a well known fact that opening challenging evolution is a one-way ticket out of academia. Is this how academia is to be run? I don't think so.

chestiuni said...

I'm looking forward to see the movie and I'll also appreciate if you can tell some of the names of those expelled.