Thursday, December 20, 2007

POLL: Allow Skeptics of Evolution in the Lab and Classroom

A new poll from One News Now shows that American believe skepticism in evolutionary theory is not a reason to remove a scientist from a lab or a teacher from the classroom. Triggered by the article on Nathaniel Abraham, a creationist biologist who was fired from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, One News Now asked America whether skepticism in evolution should disqualify an individual from scientific research or teaching a biology class. The answer was an overwhelming no. Over 95% of voters said that those who question Darwin should not be banned from scientific research or teaching biology. Less that 4% said they should. See the results for yourself here.


Bad said...

Of course if you frame the poll that way it will gain wide support: framing it that way will win you even pretty much all evolutionary biologists. But that's not necessarily an accurate way to characterize cases like Abraham's.

Jeff said...

Nice post. Very nice. I plan to check back and read more of your blog site. I like it!

Samuel S. Chen said...

Well, I would be very interested in seeing how you characterize Abraham's case.