Monday, June 15, 2009

Stephen Meyer's New Book to be Released June 23rd

Dr. Stephen Meyer's new book, Signature in the Cell, is set for release on June 23, 2009. The book discusses a fundamental component of the universe that is known in specific scientific fields but not often discussed in the public: information. Meyer, a philosopher and historian of science from Cambridge University, brings together the relevant data "into a powerful demonstration of the intelligence that stands outside nature and directs the path life has taken."

Here are what some others are saying about Meyer's book:

"A decisive case based upon breathtaking and cutting-edge science."
-Dr. Philip S. Skell
National Academy of Sciences
Evan Pugh Professor at Penn State University, emeritus

"Whether you believe intelligent design is true or false, Signature in the Cell is a must-read book."
-Dr. Scott Turner
Associate Professor, State University of New York of Environmental Science and Forestry

"He deals fairly and thoroughly with even the most controversial aspects and has made a compelling case for his conclusion. The book is a delightful read which will bring enlightenment and enjoyment to every open minded reader."
-Dr. John C. Walton
Professor of Reactive Chemistry, University of St. Andrews

"This timely and important book is a landmark in the intelligent design debate and one which draws together all relevant research and information. It is elegantly written in a style that is accessible and laced with interesting historical and personal anecdotes. ‘Signature in the Cell’ will pay rich dividends to everyone who turns its pages."
-Dr. Norman C. Nevin
Emeritus Professor of Medical Genetics, Queens University (Belfast)

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Tina Ryan said...

What Darwinians cannot understand is that there are atheists (like myself) who do no subscribe to Darwinian Evolutionary Theory.

I'm up to page 247 of "Signature in the Cell" and some of Meyer's arguments presented for design are more than just compelling - they are irrefutable! Any Darwinian who fails to read this work is coward.

Meyer shows how once you really begin to ponder the organization of cellular and molecular structures glib acceptance of formation by random chance is not feasible.